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Investment Property Strategies To Implement

Property is an ideal investment vehicle for securing your future – providing it’s done correctly.

Almost 90% 'do-it-yourself' investors stop investing, after only one or two properties.

That's right, almost 9 out of 10 investors stop investing after only one or two properties. For the most part it's simply because 'going solo' they either lack the expertise, the support and / or the long-term planning required for success.

Team up with experts.

If our processes align with what you want, agree a plan based on your requirements and work with trusted coaches to provide insights and ongoing support, as your portfolio and wealth builds.

When you work with us you will appreciate and understand the importance of  the psychology of wealth and you will see how important it is to harness the incredible  power of compounding growth

Find out about our simple property investment tips and how we will help you to create your own advantages in property investment.

InvestorGroup's focused role is to educate and assist investors to continue to invest successfully, and strategically build a balanced property portfolio of different types of property in different locations – and to hold onto that portfolio over the long term. 

Property Portfolio Investment Strategies

Perhaps importantly, our philosophy is "not just do as we say". InvestorGroup property strategists are serious investors themselves. We can suggest general practical strategies and we can recommend properties to help you build your strong and sustainable property portfolio.

Connecting You

We'll assist you by connecting you with the potential services from a panel of expert organisations specialising in their fields. You can determine which of the various services you may find most useful in your personal circumstances, such as:

  • Mortgage broker
  • Financial advisor (who can help you with)
    • Estate planning,
    • Tax planning,
    • Transition to Retirement,
    • Wills and Legacy planning
  • Accountant
  • Insurance
  • Depreciation Schedules

Of course if you have a team you highly regard and value, we can of course work with your existing accountant, mortgage broker or financial advisor to support you and make sure that as part of that teamwork, you make the right property decisions to suit your individual situation.